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DCEC Service Skills Competition Opens

Sep 16, 2023 | Leading Companies in China | 0 comments

On September 3, the opening ceremony of the Dongfeng Cummins Service Skills Competition and the Launching Ceremony of the Customer Care Month with the theme of “Making friends with force and caring for customers” was held in Chongqing.

DCEC Service Skills Competition Opens(2) (5)

Gong Junbo, deputy secretary of Dongfeng Cummins Party Committee and chairman of the labor union, Yu Jinjun, director of quality management department, Yan Kun, director of service department, Xu Qin, customer support director of Dongfeng Cummins emission treatment system, Wei Bin, chairman of Chongqing Baichuan Yongda Automobile Sales and Service Co., Ltd., and others from Contestants and customer representatives from all over the country attended this event.

At the event site, participating leaders jointly launched the Dongfeng Cummins service skills competition opening and customer care month activities.

DCEC Service Skills Competition Opens(2) (1)
DCEC Service Skills Competition Opens(2) (2)

Over the years, Dongfeng Cummins has been adhering to the service concept of “expert service, smooth travel around the world” and is committed to creating the best experience for users. Yan Kun said: “With the full launch of Dongfeng Cummins’ new products and off-road four-stage products, Dongfeng Cummins’ service capabilities are facing huge challenges. Only by further improving service capabilities can we protect the launch of new products.”

With product upgrades and changes in service demands, this Service Skills Expert Competition focuses on hot-selling products such as gas and integrated power chains. The previous individual competition has been transformed into a team competition, which can not only enhance the team’s collaborative spirit, but also Improve service personnel’s ability to resolve faults.

In the peak showdown of service experts, the contestants achieved excellent results in the competition with their superb skills. The leaders present presented awards to the winning contestants and congratulated them. Today, the service competition is not only a competition, but also a platform for comprehensive exchange of service skills and service experience, and a classroom for cultivating experts.

This year, with the major release of “Dongkang Family Service”, the official entry of “Kangbaoer”, and the new and upgraded “Expert Service Smooth World”, Dongfeng Cummins has built a more agile, smarter and more innovative service system to bring more professionalism to customers services.Gong Junbo said: “Dongfeng Cummins has always been adhering to the concept of helping customers repair their cars and use them well. In 2020, Dongfeng Cummins launched a customer care activity that cares from the core to the core. Through in-depth front-line vehicle physical examinations, training, listening to customers’ voices, and practical solutions When it comes to customer problems, we will actually solve their problems.”At the customer care event site, Dongfeng Cummins’ service expert team quickly troubleshooted users’ vehicles, and its high-quality service won unanimous praise from users. At the same time, there are driving experience experts on site to train customers on driving skills, guide customers on the correct use and maintenance of vehicles, help customers transport efficiently and improve attendance rates.Caring starts from the “core”. Dongfeng Cummins customer care activities communicate with customers face to face, provide considerate and sincere services, advance in practice, improve in progress, and create greater value for customers.

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While adhering to customer care and creating efficient travel for customers, Dongfeng Cummins has always actively fulfilled its social responsibilities and devoted itself to public welfare undertakings. This customer care charity activity during the back-to-school season with the theme of “Embracing Technology, Ignite Dreams” uses various forms to get close to, understand, and warm customers, aiming to provide more care and support to customers and families.

On August 24, the customer care charity event during the back-to-school season was successfully held in Sanmenxia. In the future, Dongfeng Cummins will continue to stay true to its original aspirations, adhere to public welfare, and create a better tomorrow for customers!

Through the service skills competition, we train elite soldiers, implement the service commitment of “Expert Service to the World” to achieve efficient operations for customers, and empower customers to move forward better by actively participating in public welfare activities. Dongfeng Cummins closely strengthens interaction with customers. Contact us to enhance the value of products and help customers move forward efficiently on the transportation road and create wealth without worries.

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