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DCEC 2023 Service Council Was Successfully Held

Sep 28, 2023 | Leading Companies in China | 0 comments

On September 26, the Dongfeng Cummins 2023 Service Council and Spare Parts Strategy Seminar with the theme of “Co-creation, Sharing and Win-Win” was successfully held. Representatives of governing units, spare parts dealers and Dongfeng Cummins senior executives from all over the country attended this meeting.

Service Council Was Successfully Held(1)

At the beginning of the meeting, Yan Kun, Service Director of Dongfeng Cummins, expressed his sincere welcome to all the council representatives and service provider representatives attending the meeting, and expressed his sincere gratitude to all the hard-working service providers.

In recent years, affected by the international environment, promoting high-quality economic development still faces many difficulties and challenges. The commercial vehicle market is still in the slow recovery stage, which was verified in the report of Dongfeng Cummins Marketing Management Department Director Cheng Mingfei.

In the report, Cheng Mingfei first analyzed the industry situation and development trends in the past two years. Judging from the overall sales volume of the market, commercial vehicle production and sales have increased steadily. Although it faces many challenges, the overall trend of the industry is improving. It is worth paying attention to the export of commercial vehicles. Showing rapid growth momentum, it has brought new development signals to the industry. At the same time, she reviewed how Dongfeng Cummins achieved various operating indicators in the first half of 2023 by strengthening after-market service guarantees amid fierce competition, and analyzed potential future business in the four fields of medium and heavy trucks, light trucks, large and medium passenger vehicles, and construction machinery. Growth opportunities.

Faced with the current situation of serious product homogeneity, the aftermarket has become a new track for competition. Dongfeng Cummins has been working with its partners to provide after-market services and jointly challenge the company’s “312” strategic goals. With the joint efforts of many parties, extraordinary results have been achieved in all aspects of the aftermarket.

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Looking back on the first half of this year, Dongfeng Cummins focused on customer needs, gained a deep insight into the situation, accurately judged the market conditions, strengthened customer care, and upgraded customer experience. With the support of our partners, we will make every effort to ensure the timeliness, professionalism and efficiency of after-market services, taking customer satisfaction to a new level.

As the executors of expanding first channel capabilities, members of the Dongfeng Cummins Service Council play a role as a bridge. Next, they will continue to build a sales service network, a major customer sales network, and a spare parts sales network around the national economic belt and logistics distribution resource areas. , thereby optimizing management and control and strengthening empowerment. Of course, expanding the scope of network layout also requires the participation of more service council members. This meeting also added Dongfeng Cummins service council units, which are committed to cooperating with Dongfeng Cummins to do a good job in service business and create a strong influence in the region.

At the meeting site, Dongfeng Cummins Service Director Yan Kun and Dongfeng Cummins Service Council Secretary-General Huang Heyong issued certificates to the six selected service director units including Jiuquan Yingfeng Automobile Service Co., Ltd. and Kunming Exiang Economic and Trade Co., Ltd.

Service Council Was Successfully Held(4)

Product upgrades are accompanied by service upgrades. Since 2023, Dongfeng Cummins has continued to launch new National VI products, coupled with the comprehensive launch of non-road Stage IV products and the substantial growth of the export market, this has brought huge challenges to channel service capabilities.
In the face of challenges, Dongfeng Cummins will adopt various methods such as continuous building of rapid systems and continuous construction of expert systems to improve service capabilities. Hu Tao, director of the channel management department of Dongfeng Cummins, mentioned in the report that the “Dongkang Family Service” was launched in July this year, the service brand IP image “Kangbaoer” was unveiled and the “Expert Service Smooth World” was renewed and upgraded to build an all-round In order to create a more agile, smarter and more innovative service system, the “3 Complete and 5 Best” service promises to protect customers and make them feel more at ease in owning and using their cars.
In addition, Dongfeng Cummins will gradually equip service providers with new tools, such as SEDB digital tools, integrated power chain electronic tools, mini diagnostic instruments, etc., to further enhance service capabilities by leveraging the advantages of Internet of Vehicles technology. Build an intelligent service platform through systems such as “Core Butler” and “Little Bee” to help customers understand vehicle dynamics in a timely manner, greatly shorten maintenance time, improve service efficiency, reduce maintenance costs for customers, improve operational efficiency, and thereby create greater value. .
Next, Dongfeng Cummins Parts Division Manager Hu Bin made a 2023 spare parts work report with the theme of “Working together to be pragmatic and long-term”. He clarified the strategic goals and positioning of spare parts. Dongkang insists on being customer-centric and providing Customers provide diversified spare parts products to meet their product life cycle service & maintenance needs, thereby driving the growth of the pre-installation market. It also pointed out that the key measures for the spare parts business in 2023 should be improved in product diversification, price policy, channel construction, and operation optimization and the corresponding business should be refined.
At the same time, the meeting held the 2023 DCEC Star Spare Parts Dealer Awarding Ceremony. Hu Bin awarded the dealer companies that won three, four, and five stars respectively, and sent congratulations to them.
During the discussion session, the participating representatives discussed topics such as improving the profitability of service providers and improving spare parts business operations. Guests at the meeting rushed to speak and actively offered suggestions for the development of Dongfeng Cummins’ aftermarket business.
At the end of the meeting, Li Airong, deputy general manager of Dongfeng Cummins, made a summary. She said that in recent years, Dongfeng Cummins has achieved a dramatic growth in product sales in the market, and the excellent results cannot be achieved without the full support and cooperation of the major dealers and service providers present here. “Co-creation, sharing and win-win”, Dongfeng Cummins will continue to work together with service providers and dealers to strive to create more outstanding results in the market. Dongfeng Cummins will make every effort to promote improvement and adoption of the questions and suggestions raised during the discussion. Finally, she encouraged everyone to have the courage to innovate business models, continue to improve customer satisfaction, and continue to contribute to the company’s development.

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