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Chinese supplying channels are really complex that quite difficult for foreigner companies to understand, due to the strong manufacturing ability and rich supplying resources here, the complexity of “Why the other company can offer so cheap price” is not easy to understand, and even not easy to explain, such as the manufacturers’ introduction, the prices differece caused by different quality of products, different scopes of supply, different source of components etc.
As a new generation Chinese company, EMAC collecting all kinds of cases to show the difference to global customers, we always stay honest, and follows high transparency style of communication. EMAC do believe “Our friendship lasts though our deal fails”, we are willing to show all the reliaties to all customers, and what EMAC cares is not result of deal, but cares if we did our best to help customers or not.
For sure, EMAC welcome all customers to contact us if you didn’t find your questions in this list, this will help EMAC and our future customers, and your questions will be added into this category if its a common question.

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