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DCEC Construction Machinery Annual Sales Exceeded 40,000

Nov 17, 2023 | Leading Companies in China | 0 comments

DCEC Construction Machinery Annual Sales Exceeded 40,000

Recently, Dongfeng Cummins celebrated the invoice for the sales of its 40,000th engine in the industrial power market in 2023. Since the annual sales volume in the industrial market exceeded 30,000 units for the first time in 2017, Dongfeng Cummins has devoted itself to research and craftsmanship. With its mature, stable and reliable style, it has continuously won the respect of the market and the recognition of customers. After six years of thinking about it day and night, it has achieved success overnight. Today, we hold our heads high and enter the era of “4”!

“While troops and horses are still in motion, food and grass go first.” Relying on its rich experience accumulated over many years of deeply cultivating the domestic and foreign construction machinery markets, Dongfeng Cummins responded immediately as soon as it received information on non-road stage four emission regulations and made improvements to its engine product line. Perfect and ingeniously create four-stage new generation power platforms including B3.9, B5.9, B6.7, L9, L9 Plus, M14, M15 Plus and other off-road vehicles. The new National IV series products continue the high reliability and excellent performance of the previous generation products. Through full-core optimization, intelligent linkage and professional customization, forward-looking assembly and optimized integration with the original equipment manufacturer, the National IV series of new products have successfully created a new benchmark for National IV high-end quality and won the Widely praised and trusted, it has taken the lead in the initial stage of the fourth phase of non-road.

DCEC Construction Machinery Annual Sales Exceeded 40,000~2

“A single thread cannot make a thread, and a single tree cannot make a forest.” Comprehensive collaboration with the parent company is an important support for Dongfeng Cummins to “break the ‘4’”. In the early stage of the National IV product layout, the sales team of Dongfeng Cummins Industrial Division and the CCI Industrial Sales Team focused on the domestic excavator market, joined forces and actively promoted it. Finally, they successfully obtained the temporary excavator plan and quickly formed batch orders, helping Dongfeng Cummins truly enter the market. The mainstream market has laid the foundation for subsequent business development; the breakthrough with Xi’an Cummins in the mining wide-body dump truck market (hereinafter referred to as the mining truck) has also achieved the successful matching of the new market benchmark OEM. In time, Dongfeng will inevitably become An important part of Cummins industrial market. Fighting alone can only show temporary courage, and it is wise to work together. It is expected that the market share of the mainstream construction machinery market (seven major categories) will reach a record high in 2023, and the market share of mining trucks will also achieve a triple jump. This is the charm of teamwork.

DCEC Construction Machinery Annual Sales Exceeded 40,000~3

“Don’t be afraid of being slow, be afraid of standing still. It doesn’t matter if you have difficulties, it doesn’t matter if your progress is slow. As long as you can move forward, even if you only take a small step a day, you will get there one day.” Facing the challenges that are coming one after another in the agricultural machinery market, Dongfeng Cummins The agricultural business team of the company persevered, continuously strengthened technology, continued collection, and precise analysis, and finally took the lead in handing over the B5.9 product of the EGR route in the fourth off-road stage. With its excellent performance and reliability inherited to this day and the EGR architecture that does not burn urea, , won unanimous praise from the market and users. In addition, the close care of the company leaders and the personal guarantee of “Dongkangjia” service have completely dispelled the last trace of worries of users. Through hard work and perseverance, the flowers of joy have finally bloomed. I believe that there will be more opportunities to gallop in the fields of hope in the future.

DCEC Construction Machinery Annual Sales Exceeded 40,000~7

2023 is about to pass, and the final annual sales volume of Dongfeng Cummins construction machinery products will not only be fixed at 40,000 units. In the future, we will still have to face the challenges and changes brought about by the vast market segments, and we must consider the feasibility of accurate matching of products across the entire value chain. The road is long and long, Dongfeng Cummins will search high and low, from “3” to “4”, the prefix “5” is also just around the corner. Backed by Dongkang spirit, the future is promising.

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