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Sep 12, 2023 | Technical Literature | 0 comments


Cummins Inc.’s reliable and durable technologies continue to lead the industrial, high horsepower turbocharger market. The revitalized Series 850 Holset® Turbocharger is a world-class product that meets or exceeds the unique product specifications and uptime requirements of its global customers and offers a new compressor stage that provides a more efficient and aerodynamically-focused product.

Featuring the latest technology, the Series 850 caters to high horsepower customers with engines ranging from 15L to 95L (15L to 25L per turbocharger).

Holset Turbocharger users trust Cummins to deliver consistent, iterative improvements to its technologies, and the Series 850 Holset Turbocharger delivers in the following ways:

  • High Pressure Ratio Compressor: Like its predecessor, the Series 850 includes Cummins’ advanced High Pressure Ratio Compressor (HPRC) technology, a product enhancement the company released in 2020. The compressor features:
    • +7 points efficiency at 4.5:1 pressure ratio from current product
    • >6:1 pressure ratio (Vaneless or Vaned)
    • 25% to 40% power uprated achievable
    • Increased altitude capability
    • ~5% improvement in BSFC (simulated) when matched with HPRC
  • New inverse impeller:
    • Bespoke design optimized to meet higher performance with improved durability
  • Vaned and vaneless diffuser:
    • Vaneless design offers enhanced map width at higher pressure ratios, whereas vaned design offers efficient higher pressure ratio capability with flexibility to improve usability by altering vane designs.
  • Thin wall stainless steel compressor cover:
    • Stainless steel compressor cover offers weight reduction against cast iron version attributed to investment casting process to cast thin-walled castings.

“Our Holset Turbochargers are continuously incorporating new technology to improve our products and exceed performance expectations for on-and off-highway customers. With additional altitude capacity, improved product efficiency and higher power density, the Series 850 is designed to meet emission requirements and drive value for customers,” said Lalitkumar S. Suryawanshi, Director, High Horsepower Products.

The upgraded Series 850, manufactured in Huddersfield, UK, is available now and caters to a wide range of customer off-highway applications including power generation, agricultural, mining, oil and gas, rail, construction and marine.

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