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Generator Set Filter Quality Verification Method

May 31, 2023 | Technical Literature | 0 comments

Generator set filter experts to introduce a large equipment level “dads housekeeper – -” comprehensive visual FleetguardFIT intelligent monitoring management system . With it, at any time to master diesel generator filter life of l life and oil quality, extend the service life of filter effectively, to create greater value! As IOT IOT technology, AI artificial intelligence, machine learning, and sensor industry technology development, the Internet of things technology of maintenance strategy based on real conditions (CBM) will replace the traditional maintenance strategy based on fixed number, at the same time to provide equipment manager of equipment more comprehensive, more timely cognitive health management.

Fleetguard is a leading brand in the filter industry for diesel generators and gas generators. Its Fleetguard filter FIT monitoring system provides industrial users with solutions for real-time monitoring of oil products and filtering wearing parts. This disruptive technology monitors and analyzes the health management of equipment in real time based on important parameters such as temperature, pressure, and fluid quality of the equipment itself. Engine oil is an indispensable part of diesel generators. Experts in the petroleum industry often compare it to the “blood” of generators, and its importance is self-evident. At the same time, part of the failure mode of the generator will cause changes in the oil composition (such as: metal wear, fuel dilution, coolant dilution, etc.) Even in most cases, the failure mode does not cause serious generator failure, and the deterioration of the oil has been advanced Production.

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Smart Filter Function

FleetguardFIT detects the “resistance” parameter of the filter itself by installing smart sensors at corresponding positions such as the oil circuit before and after the filter. “Resistance” is one of the important physical parameters of the filter. It is combined with some operating parameters of the diesel generator to reflect the real-time status of the filter when it is working:

  • Clogging state of filter paper filter hole.
  • Preliminary judgment of the impurity content in the fuel (abnormal increase in the resistance of the new filter for a short period of time may indicate a problem with the quality of the oil).
  • Whether the filter is properly installed.

The quality judgment of the filter This article takes the air filter as an example.

The air filter is the most important part for machine protection among the three filters, because the quality of engine oil and fuel is controllable, the quality of air is the most uncontrollable, and the impurities in the air are the most need to be filtered. A good air filter must have several dimensions to investigate:

  • There is no exact industry reference standard in the strength air filtration industry. Although this article provides a reference standard, there are too many and complicated factors for comprehensive evaluation, and dismantling experiments are still required, which is not suitable for brothers to understand. Therefore, I think the strength of air filter manufacturers is more important. Manufacturers with poor strength will falsely mark some technical parameters. For example, nano air filters for 80 yuan can be found everywhere. Should we take it apart after buying it? So don’t look for cheap from those bad manufacturers, basically you can’t take advantage of it.
  • Technology At present, some of the better air filters on the market use F9 filter materials, and even better ones use nanometers. There are several technical terms in it: semi-adhesive paper, F789, nano-coating, and full-fine fiber filter material.
  • Filter paper quality Filter paper with good quality and filter paper with poor quality are similar on the surface. Only professional inspection equipment can make a clear difference. The quality of filter paper is related to the cleaning efficiency. Good quality filter paper There are many impurities, iron filings, and dust filtered into the system, and the poor-quality filter paper filters fewer impurities, iron, and dust, which cannot provide protection, and the relevant parts of the engine are prone to corrosion. damage.
  • The filtration efficiency of the filter is mainly determined by the quality of the filter paper used in the filter. The filtration efficiency of the filter is more than 96%. The use effect is different, and the difference is obvious. During the engine starting and driving, the feeling of the engine and the smoke level of the engine exhaust, and the wear and tear of the engine parts during the engine repair are obviously different.
  • The filter paper and the end cover are bonded with good quality filter paper, and good quality adhesive is also required. If the choice is not proper, the filter paper in the filter will not be firmly bonded to the upper and lower end covers, and oil will easily come into contact with it during use. Falling off, non-viscous, causing short circuit, not able to filter.
  • Guarantee of the production process From the surface, the paper under the filter paper cannot stick together, and the light transmission must be seen on the light. If the light transmission cannot be seen on the light, the adhesion between the filter papers will affect the flow of the entire air, and the life is short. , resulting in insufficient power, and it is not easy to remove dust during the cleaning process. A good air filter is that the filter paper is not sticky, has strong light transmittance, is suitable for the air intake standard of the engine group, has a long service life, and is easy to clean. For diesel generators with obvious power problems, Fleetguard FIT monitoring alarms provide very informative information. In addition, by installing an oil quality sensor, Fleetguard FIT can monitor the working status of the generator oil in real time. The Fleetguard FIT system actively detects failures (premature filter clogging and oil deterioration indication) through advanced sensors and data analysis, which can help users reduce downtime. At the same time, through early problem detection, develop a more optimized maintenance plan and extend filter life. , reduce TCO (total cost of ownership), and create greater value for users.
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