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Diesel Generator Safety Management, Usage Warnings and Precautions

Sep 18, 2023 | Operation and Maintenance | 0 comments

Summary: Cummins generator sets adhere to their safer, more reliable, cleaner and high-reliability professional products that meet the individual needs of users; and with their noise, energy saving and stable performance, they provide a reliable guarantee for the development of many enterprises. , even if the product is the best, it is necessary to strengthen the management of the equipment during use, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of various failures and safety accidents. Therefore, before Cummins oil-fired generator sets leave the factory, warning icons are usually posted on them to indicate potential dangers that may cause personal injury. Cummins reminds users that they need to abide by safe use regulations. These dangers can be avoided. In the following, combined with the various management regulations for diesel generator sets in use, the operator will be introduced to the main content and importance of each regulation.

1. Safety and warnings in the computer room
Diesel generator sets must be operated by personnel who are familiar with the structure and principles of the equipment and master the safe operating procedures. (1) Before using and maintaining the generator set, you must read and understand the Cummins generator set instructions and other related random information. 2) Correct installation of the generator set is a prerequisite for the normal use of the generator set. Only by using qualified spare parts for maintenance can the generator set achieve good operating status and longer service life. 3) The generator set must be operated by trained personnel Operation and maintenance must be carried out by authorized personnel. Operation and maintenance personnel must understand safety precautions and carry out maintenance procedures.
4) The generator set can only be started when safety is ensured. Do not start the generator set knowing that there is an abnormality to avoid accidents.
(5) When cleaning, maintaining, or repairing the generator set, you must first stop it and disconnect the negative battery switch or remove the battery connecting cable, and place a warning sign at the corresponding location to avoid accidents.
(6) The exhaust gas emitted by the engine is harmful to the human body. All generator sets installed indoors must discharge the exhaust gas outdoors.
(7) When the generator set is running, the exhaust pipe and muffler will generate high temperatures. When installed and used, fireproof and heat-insulating materials must be used and kept away from flammable objects.
(8) Ensure that the computer room has good and adequate ventilation and a clean environment.
(9) Do not store flammable and explosive objects (liquids) near the engine. (10) Smoking, sparking or other ignition behaviors are not allowed near batteries and fuel, because the gas volatilized by the fuel and the hydrogen generated by battery charging will Sparks or open flames may cause explosions
(11) BC and ABC fire extinguishers should be equipped in the machine room, and operation and maintenance personnel are required to know how to use them.
(12) Do not attempt to turn on the machine when the fan guard or other safety protection has been removed; do not attempt to reach under or near these protection devices for maintenance while the machine is on.
(13) Keep palms, arms, long hair, jewelry and loose clothes away from pulleys, belts and other rotating parts.
(14) When working in the computer room, wear work clothes, gloves and a hat.
15) After the generator set is running and the coolant is not completely cooled, do not try to unscrew the radiator cap to prevent steam (hot water) from spraying out and injuring people.
(16) Do not accidentally eat or let your skin come into contact with liquids such as fuel, coolant, lubricant, and electrolyte. Once splashed by these liquids, rinse immediately with plenty of water.
(17) Being in a high-noise environment for a long time is harmful to human hearing. It is recommended to wear ear protection equipment when often working around the generator set.
18) When the generator set is connected to the power output circuit, it must comply with the conditions, specifications and standards related to power distribution, and use qualified power circuits for power distribution output.
(19) When welding is required to install the generator set, it is strictly prohibited to connect iron or ground through the generator set (body) to prevent high welding current from damaging the internal electrical appliances, bearings, bearing bushes, etc. of the generator set.
(20) Ensure the safe and reliable grounding of the generator set.
In the event that someone gets an electric shock, the power switch should be quickly cut off, or an insulating device should be used to quickly cut off or disconnect the power supply, and then carry out rescue operations and ask a doctor to come to the scene for rescue. In the event of a flood to electrical equipment, the relevant power supply should be cut off immediately and reported to the local power supply station, and then fire fighting should be carried out. Dry fire extinguishers, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, etc. should be used to put out fires on live equipment. Water is not allowed.

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2. Safety management
1. Diesel generator storage management
(1) Diesel generators must be stored in a dry, light-proof, and ventilated designated indoor location when not in use. It is strictly prohibited to store the diesel generator in the open air, in direct sunlight or in a place where it may be wet by rain.
(2) The diesel engine used in the service hall is not allowed to be unused for a long time (30 days), and the fuel in the diesel generator should be fully drained.
(3) Where diesel generator oil is stored, prevent long-term accumulation of oil and vapor in the air, and be careful to wait until the air is fully convection and especially dissipated before entering or exiting.
(4) Signs such as “Diesel generator exhaust is toxic”, “It is strictly prohibited to use in a non-ventilated environment”, “It is strictly prohibited to add fuel or oil during operation” must be posted on conspicuous places on the diesel generator body.
(5) Dry powder fire extinguishers should be equipped in discharge storage areas. Dry powder fire extinguishers should be used to extinguish oil fires, and carbon dioxide fire extinguishers should be used to extinguish equipment fires.
(6) It is strictly prohibited to mix and stack diesel generators and oil drums with flammable and explosive cartons, large boxes, foam and other debris.
(7) It is strictly prohibited to use non-metallic containers such as plastic barrels to load fuel.
2. Diesel generator transportation management
(1) When transporting the diesel generator, you must lift it with care. It is strictly prohibited to throw, drop, hit or other rough handling.
(2) When transporting and handling the diesel generator, no fuel should be stored in the generator. Fuel can be added to generate electricity after arriving at the destination.
(3) Due to the dry weather in winter, in order to prevent the generation of static sparks, before operating a diesel generator or oil drum, your hands should first touch a well-grounded metal object, such as a buried water pipe, etc.

3. Precautions for each component system
1. Precautions when starting the diesel engine
(1) Before starting the diesel engine, first check the starting system circuit and the charging status of the battery. When starting, check whether the battery wiring sample and battery clamp are firm.
(2) When starting the diesel engine, if the starting purpose cannot be achieved after one start, the time interval between the second start and the first start should not be less than 2 minutes.
(3) Regarding the quality requirements of the starter, battery and battery line, each starting time is not allowed to exceed 105. Once the diesel generator set is started, the hand should be quickly separated from the starting button to prevent the diesel generator set from being used by the wheel after starting. Failure with flywheel.
(4) When the diesel generator set fails to start several times in a row, the cause of the failure to start should be eliminated before starting.
2. Precautions when using the charger
(1) The charging generator must be used in conjunction with the corresponding charging generator regulator and battery, otherwise the generator and regulator will be damaged. Some writers use silicon rectifier generators in conjunction with DC regulators, which can easily cause malfunctions that should not occur.
(2) The wiring must be correct and reliable, and the positive and negative poles must not be connected incorrectly, otherwise the silicon rectifier generator or DC generator and charging generator regulator will be damaged.
(3) The transmission belt of the charging generator should be checked regularly to ensure stable power generation when the diesel engine is running to ensure normal charging of the battery.
(4) When the TEPCO generator is rotating, it is not allowed to use a knife or other metal object to short-circuit the lower pole wiring with the casing or the negative pole, and check whether there are sparks in the case to determine whether the TEPCO generator is generating electricity. This is extremely dangerous. It is easy to damage the diodes and other components inside the generator.
3. Precautions for battery use and maintenance
(1) After the battery is discharged, it should be charged within the shortest possible time.
(2) The electrolyte in the battery should be 10~15mm higher than the plates, otherwise the plates in the battery will be damaged.
(3) After charging the battery, if it is not used for a long time, it should be recharged once a month. Therefore, after using the diesel generator set in winter, the battery must be placed in a dedicated charging room for charging and storage to prevent the battery from cracking. If it is not placed in the charging room, it should be charged once a month on the diesel generator set and then placed in a heated room.
(4) The battery should be kept clean at all times, and the exposed surface and the vent cover on the battery should be washed regularly.
(5) If it is found that the battery separator plate, battery plate, or vent cover is damaged, it should be sent to a specialized repair shop for repair. If it is winter and the temperature is low, and one battery is enough to start the diesel engine, you can use the method of increasing the power. That is, based on the original one or two batteries, another one is connected in parallel.

4. Precautions when the diesel engine overshoots
If a diesel generator set has been left unused for a long time, tools should be prepared to prevent overrun before starting. In the event of overrun, the following points should be noted:
(1) Quickly adjust the throttle to the stop position;
(2) Pull the exposed stop button directly back to the stop position by hand:
(3) Remove the air filter and block the air inlet:
(4) Quickly loosen the high-pressure oil pipe of each cylinder or the oil inlet screw of the high-pressure oil pump:
(5) Resolutely control and oppose the phenomenon of abandoning the engine and escaping when the diesel engine overruns.
5. Precautions for use in summer
In high-temperature weather, diesel engines are prone to overheating, which reduces the engine’s power, economy, and operating reliability. Therefore, care must be taken to clean the cooling system in high-temperature weather to improve the cooling effect. Scale has a greater impact on the heat dissipation effect of the cooling system, so cleaning the cooling system plays an important role in improving the heat dissipation of the oil machine. In addition, clear and flush the small holes in the water front heater to ensure the tightness of the transmission belt: pay attention to the working condition of the thermostat, the sealing condition of the cooling system and the vents on the radiator cover.

Summary: Diesel generators should be stored in a safe place. When the diesel generator is not used for a long time, the equipment should be stored in a dry, ventilated, and anti-theft place to avoid being stolen or dampened. When using a diesel generator, you need to pay attention to safety issues, abide by operating procedures, perform regular maintenance, and store it in a safe place to ensure the normal operation and service life of the equipment and avoid the occurrence of safety accidents.

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