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DCEC’s High-Horsepower Z15N Product has a Strong Reputation

Mar 4, 2024 | Leading Companies in China | 0 comments

If two representative words are to be used to describe the characteristics of the domestic tractor market in 2023, “sales volume rebounds” and “gas sales” will definitely be elected with high votes. As gas prices have been falling in recent years, the price difference between “oil and gas” has increased, giving the operating costs of gas heavy trucks a clear advantage over fuel heavy trucks. In the fiercely competitive gas vehicle market, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles’ sales are particularly impressive, and it has also won praise from users. The reason is inextricably linked to the product quality and technical layout of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles.

DCEC’s High-Horsepower Z15N Product has a Strong Reputation

Good sales and good reputation, advance R&D and layout

According to public data, the monthly sales of natural gas tractors in 2023 will all increase year-on-year. The annual sales volume will exceed 150,000 units, a year-on-year increase of nearly three times. Among them, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles ranked first in the gas vehicle market with sales of 20,000 units, a year-on-year increase of 1,808%, accounting for 11.9% of the gas vehicle market, and is the car company with the fastest growth in sales and share in the gas vehicle market. Focusing on users, Dongfeng’s commercial vehicle gas products are also well-known and well received. The market has even dubbed Dongfeng’s two series of products, Cummins and Longqing DGi13, as the “two heroes of gas”.

It can be seen that Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles’ success in the gas vehicle market is by no means achieved overnight, but is the result of years of accumulation and development based on its sensitive understanding and precise grasp of the market. Dongfeng’s “two heroes” gas vehicles were developed in response to market demand and optimized according to user orientation, bringing the operating experience of “saving gas, saving worry, and saving effort” to every user.

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Continuously upgrade product capabilities, and gain trust in “three provinces” operations

The reason why Dongfeng gas vehicles can gain a large amount of market share is of course inseparable from the substantial increase in the overall market, and the excellent product strength of Dongfeng’s products is the fundamental reason why it can stand out in the fierce market competition. Among them, Dongfeng Cummins Z15N series products are representatives of Dongfeng gas vehicles’ characteristics of “saving gas, saving worry, and saving effort”.

In terms of fuel economy, Dongfeng Cummins Z15N gas engine uses a specially designed cylinder, matched with high-strength steel pistons and BOSCH high-precision nozzles, which accurately controls gas injection while ensuring full combustion of fuel and higher thermal efficiency, reducing gas consumption per 100 kilometers. 3% to 5%, powerful “save gas”.

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In terms of reliability, the engine has introduced low-temperature resistant new material coating technology, allowing the gas rail to operate normally at extremely low temperatures (-40°C), ensuring worry-free cold starts while ensuring high reliability and accuracy. At the same time, the maintenance cost is more economical; the engine’s EGR cooler also uses new materials, and through the optimized design of the internal water flow field, the maximum strain value is significantly reduced and the life of thermal fatigue resistance is improved. The high reliability of the engine ensures users have “worry-free” driving experience.


In terms of power, this engine is based on a high explosion pressure design of 250bar, which can reach a maximum torque of 2600Nm, a maximum of 580 horsepower, and a strong power output. Thanks to the Cummins iBrake braking system, the vehicle’s braking performance is also extremely superior, making it truly It’s reached the point where “you can run and you can stop the car.” This series of products relies on Cummins’ latest generation plateau control logic to meet the power needs of vehicles operating in high altitude areas. Whether it is general cargo transportation or large and heavy loads, Cummins Z15N products allow drivers to call driving “effort-saving”.

With such powerful power as the foundation, the quality of Dongfeng gas vehicles is naturally well-known among users.

Excellent service, smart driving and strong operation, examples of making wealth through operation

In order to ensure that users have worry-free use of the vehicle, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles also fully equips the vehicle with intelligent equipment, such as ESC (rollover warning), LDWS (lane departure warning), surround-view imaging, AEBS (emergency brake assist system), FCWS (Forward collision warning), fatigue monitoring, TPMS (tire pressure monitoring) and other intelligent configurations are available to ensure safety. In addition to protecting vehicles through software, Dongfeng Gas Vehicles has also thoughtfully prepared a one-click connection function for vehicles to provide users with all-weather nanny services, such as road rescue, emergency troubleshooting, vehicle problem solving, proactive service reminders, etc. One-click direct access to functions. In order to ensure users’ vehicle safety and smooth work, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles not only makes its products intelligent and reliable, but also provides meticulous services.

The price difference between oil and gas is staggering. Some users can only ensure profits by using gas vehicles. Dongfeng gas vehicles are equipped with an integrated power chain, long maintenance cycle Yingdong/Longqing transmission and Dongfeng Dana rear axle configuration. The frequency of pit stops for repairs and maintenance is greatly reduced. Coupled with the application of low wind resistance body and low rolling resistance tires, Dongfeng gas vehicles save extra money and strive for greater value for users.

Actual operation is always the touchstone of a product. With the use of a large number of users, many excellent cases also prove the superiority of Dongfeng gas vehicles. Among them, there is a 4X2 express vehicle equipped with Dongkang Z15N engine and Eaton Cummins transmission, which has a gas consumption of 23.2 kg/100 km on the Xining-Golmud route; there is also a Tianlong flagship 530-horsepower gas vehicle driving coal in Xinjiang On the route from Gansu to Jiangsu and Zhejiang, the gas consumption was 27.6kg/100 km. Dongfeng gas vehicles can bring tangible benefits to users, and real cases are the most convincing proof.

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All in all, 2023 is undoubtedly a milestone year for Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles. In the rapid development of the gas tractor market, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles has won market recognition and user trust with its forward-looking technical layout, excellent product performance and considerate services. The success of Dongfeng gas vehicles is not only reflected in the rapid growth in sales, but more importantly, it brings users an all-round operating experience that “saves gas, saves worry, and saves effort”, helping users achieve more efficient and economical transportation goals. . Looking into the future, we hope that Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles will continue to adhere to the concepts of innovation-driven and user-oriented, continuously improve its product and service capabilities, and contribute more to China’s green logistics industry.

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