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Cummins Builds New Plant For High-Power Diesel Engines In Poland

May 31, 2023 | Management News | 0 comments

Cummins, the global power leader and the world’s largest independent engine manufacturer, will open a state-of-the-art high-power diesel engine rebuild center in Krakow. The new site, which will be fully operational by the end of the year, will be the company’s first specialist reconstruction facility of its kind in Europe. This $10 million investment will enable Cummins Poland to provide strategic support to its customers across the region, not only in the specialized diesel engine rebuild process, but also for local customers across Poland through its significantly expanded distribution and warehousing capabilities provide support.

The new 4,600 m facility will help meet growing customer demand for this type of specialist diesel engine rebuild service. It will also better respond to the different needs of Cummins customers across Europe, providing them with the highest quality maintenance services, increasing diesel engine uptime, improving diesel engine efficiency and reducing costs. It will complement the company’s global network of dedicated high-power diesel engine rebuild sites, typically for diesel engine sizes 19 liters and above, including Cummins’ renowned QSK19, QSK38 and QSK60 diesel engine models. In addition, the new center will be able to overhaul and rebuild small diesel engines, including medium and heavy duty diesel engines. Because they operate in some of the harshest operating environments, the rebuild process—including complete disassembly, cleaning, inspection, replacement of major components, design improvements, and testing—is dedicated to extending the life of the original diesel engine. In many cases, these steps also improve the fuel efficiency and performance of diesel engines, making the product life cycle more sustainable.

This is an important step in increasing Cummins’ presence in Poland and other European countries, allowing us to more effectively meet the demand for diesel engine rebuild services in multiple market segments. Once the rigorous diesel engine rebuild process is complete, a product can be considered ‘new’, offering equal or better performance than the original diesel engine, so this investment will certainly prove beneficial to our current and future partners. It is also a strategic move for Cummins globally, as it significantly expands its service offerings in the region, along with expanded storage and distribution capabilities, including a six-fold increase in warehouse space.

It’s no coincidence that Cummins is opening the first center of its kind in Europe. It is close to Krakow’s international airport and next to major motorways connecting the city to other European destinations, so it has excellent road, rail and air transport links for us and our clients to travel to other major countries. In addition, more world-class experts will be able to join the Cummins team due to the city’s premier technical university.

The new center will feature a number of sustainable solutions, including high-tech microbial wash tanks that reuse 100% of the water, the installation of solar panels that will allow Cummins to use its own green energy, and electric vehicle charging points. In addition, it will be equipped with innovative systems such as two 15-ton bridge cranes, a jib crane, a test cell with a diesel engine dynamometer, a paint booth and a bake-blast cleaner. On top of that, the new site will house two dismantling shops, four high power and three medium/heavy duty assembly shops, as well as a MILLIPORE test stand. Therefore, this specialized competence of the Center naturally generates additional interest in Poland from foreign companies.

Cummins has operated in Poland for nearly 30 years and currently has four sites in Krakow, Gdańsk, Rubin and Lomianki, all strategically located for easy access by customers across the country. The new facility is replacing the company’s current facility in Krakow and will expand its current operations and rebuild capacity. Therefore, administrative and financial specialists, as well as engineers, will join the existing team this year.

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