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DCEC 60Hz Industrial Generator

Dongfeng Cummins-DCEC pump engines are highly recognized by customers for their strong power, ultra-low fuel consumption, high reliability and low maintenance costs.
Dongfeng Cummins-DCEC pump drive engines covering displacement of 3.9 to 13L. with power range from 36 kW to 429kW.ongfeng Cummins-DCEC provides the best customized clean power solution for fire pumps, drainage pumps, irrigation pumps and other fields.
While introducing the international advanced technology, Dongfeng Cummins focusing on customized engines and secondary development of pump engines for the global market to further meet the requirement of global customers and become a preferred engine manufacturer in the global market. With advanced design and excellent manufacturing, it adapts to various severe working conditions and can be used in fire-fighting, municipal administration, agriculture, oil and gas and other fields.
Low fuel consumption that effectively reduces operating costs

Less maintenance cost and time greatly reduce losses caused by downtime during peak seasons
High attendance as a result of high reliability delivers more value for you

Advantages of 60Hz Industrial Generator

Powerful and efficient- Compared with engines of the same type, both the torque reserve coefficient and the power are higher, which meet complicated operating conditions.
Better environmental adaptability-After extensive tests in harsh environment such as plateau, high temperature, high humidity and low temperature, it adapts to extreme operating conditions
Lower noise through optimization of the control strategy and application of noise reduction options
The “heart” of Cummins engines preserves higher value of your equipment.
The 2900-rpm engine is directly connected to the pump, meeting the performance requirements of high-speed pumps and reducing the matching cost.

Find 60Hz Industrial Generator by Series

This is the list of all series of DCEC Cummins 60Hz Industrial Generator.
Click here to find pump engines by type (Fuel System & Engine Speed).

4BT3.9 Industrial Generator

QSB3.9 Industrial Generator

6BT5.9 Industrial Generator

QSB5.9 Industrial Generator

QSB4.5 Industrial Generator

QSB6.7 Industrial Generator

6CTA8.3 Industrial Generator

QSL8.9 Industrial Generator

6LTAA8.9 Industrial Generator

6LTAA9.5 Industrial Generator

QSM11 Industrial Generator

6ZTAA13 Industrial Generator

QSZ13 Industrial Generator

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